Why Are Automatic Breast Pumps Better?

Automatic breast pumps, also known as electric breast pumps, are the kinds of breast pumps that use electricity to pump out milk from a mother’s breast. It is a more advanced type of pump and has its ups and downs.

Advantages of automatic breast pumps

The following are some of the major advantages of an electric breast pump over the manual breast pump:

  • Simultaneous pumping – Since electric breast pumps come with double pumps, a mother can suck milk from her two breasts at the same time without having to move one pump from breast to breast.
  • It is time-saving – Automatic pumps are time-saving since two pumps are capable of pumping breast milk simultaneously. It only takes a few minutes and a mother can work or make phone calls while it is happening.
  • Has different variety – Breast pumps come in different varieties i.e. The hospital grade and the double pumps. Therefore, one can choose the kind of pump to use depending on their circumstance.
  • Easy to clean – It is quite effortless to clean these breast pumps because the parts are dust-resistant. Besides it is packed with its own wipes and steam-bags, hence they are easy to sanitise.
  • It is effortless to use – No effort is required when pumping milk because the machine does all the work. The mother only stays in a calm position and waits for the pump to complete the work.

When can a mother begin using an automatic breast pump?

A breast pump can be used by a breastfeeding mother at any point in time. However, there are certain types of mothers that are recommended an electric breast pump to use. The following is a list of moms that should consider using an automatic breast pump:

  • A mother with twins – After a mother delivers twins, using an electric breast pump may prove to be the best option since the mother is sure that each child is feeding properly. We have also had extreme instances where mothers have delivered more than two babies. An electric breast pump can also be efficient in such a scenario.
  • A mother with a large milk supply – Some mothers produce a lot of milk – so much that an infant cannot take in at once. The breast pumps can help in expressing the excess milk so that it can be stored for later use.
  • A working mother – Those mothers who are given maternity leave for a few months to deliver and heal are advised to have an electric breast pump. Such mothers do not have enough time to breastfeed their child as their job awaits. They can pump out their milk and leave it with a babysitter to feed the baby when they are hungry.
  • A mother with an early delivery – In some cases, a complication might arise and the child is born earlier than normal. Such a child may be too weak to suckle from the mother’s breast. Automatic breast pumps can be used to express the milk from mothers and feed it to such a child until they are of the right size to suckle on their own.
  • A mother with limited time to express milk – Outgoing mothers who have tight schedules might lack time to breastfeed their infant. In such a case, an automatic breast pump can come in handy and allow the mother to proceed with their daily routines.