What typically happens at a Hobart chiropractic clinic?

People in Hobart visiting a Hobart chiropractic clinic for the first time might find some unique elements even when it’s a bit similar to a consultation with other medical clinics.

The procedures and intake will all be familiar things that typically happen at a Hobart chiropractic clinic. The chiropractic treatment table is, perhaps, the single distinctive feature of a chiropractic clinic.

Chiropractors need this special kind of table to allow them to do specific movements and positioning during spinal adjustment sessions. Typically, an initial intake, physical exam, and treatment are the procedures involved in a chiropractic visit.

Things to expect during the intake

Similar to a doctor’s visit, the initial intake with a chiropractor begins with completing a health questionnaire before you are subjected to an interview about your health history. The chiropractor will also be asking you to show the area/s that is giving you discomfort. He/she will, in turn, mark these areas on a human body drawing to make you understand the treatment process.

Things to expect during the physical exam

A routine physical exam follows the initial intake. The particular areas that will be focused on during the physical exam will be on the spine and the areas that experience the most discomfort. The entire spine will likely be the focus of the physical examination.

For instance, a neck exam will be performed by the chiropractor even when the complaint is low back pain. It is because subluxation or injuries in a certain area can readily cause major irritations somewhere else in the area of the spine.

A variety of assessments are generally included in the physical exam, to include:

  • Orthopaedic tests
  • Neurological tests
  • Range of motion tests
  • Reflex testing
  • Palpation
  • Muscle strength comparisons

Things expected to be included in the treatment plan

The chiropractor will be able to create and develop a treatment plan following the physical exam. The considerations for the treatment plan include:

  • Your expected goals
  • The spine’s condition affected by factors such as a previous injury and age
  • The extent of the irritation or injury
  • The general condition of your health

Talking with your chiropractor can produce the goals of the treatment you expect to get. For instance, ongoing care to improve your overall health or simply seeking relief from discomfort or pain is two of the important goals to consider when consulting with a chiropractor.

It’s crucial to establish a good and trusting relationship with your chiropractor right from the start. A good professional-patient relationship built early on helps you realise your overall health goals.

Things expected from a standard chiropractic treatment

The major part of chiropractic treatment is what is called the “adjustments”. The specific body part that receives the controlled amplitude, force, velocity, direction, and leverage is the therapeutic manipulation known as “adjustments”. Opening up a joint is not the simplest way of explaining chiropractic adjustments as it involves more.

The spinal adjustments made by a chiropractor will often involve other body parts such as the shoulder, ankle, wrist, knee, or elbow. This is to ensure that the proper structural alignment is provided for optimum joint function.

Body aches and pain prevents anyone from enjoying life to the fullest. Optimum health is achieved when creaks, cracks, and pain are absent in the joints and muscles. Consult with us by contacting us at Hobart chiropractic clinic.