Tips for buying stretcher chairs

Today there is a dire need of heavier ambulance stretcher chairs to bear the increasing loads due to the increasing obesity. These days ambulances make use of power operated stretcher chairs. The stretcher chairs are pretty heavy duty and weigh almost 100 to 140 lbs. However these can lift more than five times their own weight.

Buying a new stretcher chair is going to be an expensive decision and therefore it requires that you take this decision after considering the following points.

Research about the stretcher chairs

Before you buy your first stretcher chair you need to do a bit of research. You would also need to understand how often the chair is going to be used in your medical facility. It also depends on the fact whether you are situated in an urban or rural environment. For a facility which has a lot of emergency situations or a high call volume you may want to invest in a chair which is lightweight but fast at the same time.

If the place is smaller with narrow entrances it is important that you invest in a chair which is fast and maneuverable. On the other hand for areas which are wider a taller chair with a wider x-frame would be a good option.

Consider your budget

it should be kept in mind that the stretcher chair comes in different brands with different price ranges. There is a whole lot of variety in colors and designs as well. You should aim for buying a stretcher which has a low center of gravity so that you can handle it better even on the rough terrain.

Choose equipment which is low maintenance

When you are buying a stretcher chair it is important to analyze how often you might need to take it for maintenance and servicing. It actually matters that stretchers are so expensive and your medical facility cannot afford to be without one for long. Therefore choose one which is durable and sturdy and only requires a minimum amount of maintenance or repairs.

You should also consider the maintenance program for all your patient handling equipment at your medical facility. It should also be kept in mind that the more high tech the equipment the more regular servicing it would require. However if your facility already doesn’t have a well documented maintenance program you should make sure that you implement one because it can help you save money in the long run.

Make sure that you send somebody over from the inventory to take a look at all the latest variety and designs which are available in the market. Also ask them to ask the required questions regarding the payment and whether it would be helpful in handling patients with ease.

You can even do research on the Google website. If you’re looking for a stretcher with specific features it is a good way of knowing what is available out there.

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