Coronavirus, advice and criticism from family doctors

“In regions such as Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont, where the spread of Coronavirus is growing hour after hour, the government has failed to set up an effective prevention and hesitation system in the daily routine. The news of the first contagion dates back to several days ago and more had to be done to prevent the spread – Testa stressed – As Snami we had already alerted the policy on how fundamental the health systems in the area were, above all the technological equipment for the operators, left alone to face an emergency that risks becoming even more serious. They send us to fight the war with cardboard shoes ”.

The president of the Autonomous Union of Italian Doctors continues: “Because the minimal requests for equipment such as certified masks of the FFP3EN149 NR type or similar for Family Doctors, Continuity of Assistance, 118 emergency emergencies and Prison Medicine, at the moment there was no reply. We advised to immediately use part of the 235 million euros allocated for the technological equipment for family doctors’ studies to purchase general medicine safeguards in this national and global health emergency that is spreading like wildfire. Minister Speranza on what has been requested there is a deafening silence that echoes throughout Italy! “.

The day before, on February 22, the union led by Testa wrote: “We ask the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to immediately supply the general practitioners who operate in the territory of disposable face masks, those certified by the European Union, type FFP3 EN149 NR, which manage to be a filtering barrier for viruses or even better those with a replaceable filter. We also ask for clear guidelines on the management of patient access to our studies and other local health structures. “